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Balloon Flight over Marrakech !

Live an extraordinary experience..

Why Choose Marrakech Ballooning ?

One price, one way to book, for one single flight.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Unique experience
Safety & Advanced Equipment
Highly qualified professionals

Live an extraordinary experience :

A first flight in a hot air balloon over Morocco, Embark on a hot air balloon adventure with the flight specialist over Marrakech, ballooning.ma !

360 view
Atlas Mountain
Montgolfiere Marrakech

Our Clients are talking about it

Unforgettable experiences aboard our hot air balloon flights

Nice people and very professional pilot. One of the best experiences. We were picked up from the hotel around 7:00. At around 8:10 we were on the sky enjoying the sun rise (8:30) The flight took a bit more then 1 hour... Thank you so much from 🇩🇪

Nidhal Mars

Wow wow what can I say great service ....early pick up ...had a fantastic hot air balloon experience from start to finish....would highly recommend to use ....communication was great what more can you ask for great service and a fantastic price ...

Ivan Oconnell

Extraordinary thanks to Amhada (driver) excellent support and to Pierre the pilot truly unforgettable exquisite breakfast.

Ballooning Marrakech
Steph Barre

Très bonne organisation, vol magnifique lever du soleil sur l atlas entouré de dizaines de montgolfières, pilote agréable 1 incontournable

Montgolfiere Maroc
Marc Permantier

Gain height, gently !

All our teams follow in-house training, guaranteeing you impeccable safety and service.

Democratizing a travel dream previously reserved for an elite.



Rue Imam Chafai Résidence Palm Side Suite A54, 40000, Marrakech Maroc
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